Jack In Snow

Good Things!

Today I asked the chef in the cafeteria if he could make me some tempura fried bacon. He said he would have it ready for me tomorrow.

If you never ask then you never know what you might be missing. ;)
Jack In Snow

Process Geek?

Today at work I gave my coworker a high-ten after hashing out a new process for how to deal with the confusion that occurs when someone is having trouble uploading a .gameconfig file to PartnerNet during a BVT.

When the HELL did I become a management nerd!?!?!
Jack In Snow


Dreams where you are fighting with your dead dad over really stupid shit is not a great way to get woken up in the middle of the night.
Jack In Snow

Ride to Carnation?

Sooo... the shop that was supposed to fix the brakes on my car decided they can't fix them. Now I need to tow my car out to Carnation to my usual mechanic who I know will be able to take care of things properly, but that means that I'm also going to need a ride back from Carnation when I drop my car off.

Anybody want to follow me to Carnation on Friday after work and then drive me back to Bellevue?
Jack In Snow

How to get upset for no good reason...

Instructions for how to get upset for no good reason:

Step 1: Buy an awesome car that is missing a few key parts, like a wiper arm or a front license plate mount.

Step 2: Spend a year looking for said parts while trying to avoid tickets for not having a front license plate and having to deal with having only one wiper blade on the front windshield when driving in the rain.

Step 3: Finally find a parts car down in Tacoma that has said parts and make arrangements to pick them up instead of going to the most awesome gaming convention ever with all your friends.
Step 3b: Make a lot of excuses for why you can't go to PAX.

Step 4: Call and mail the guy with the parts car in question to ask about other parts and confirm the pickup, but not be able to get a hold of him.

Step 5: Get a hold of him on the day of the pickup just before you head out the door for the scheduled pickup only to find out that the boneheads at the shop already junked the car before pulling off the parts that they said they would sell you.

Step 6: Confirm that the car has been crushed, along with all your hopes and dreams of finally ending your quest.

So, yeah, that happened...

Now I'm off to chill and party on Erin's boat and try not to dwell on how pissed off I am.
Jack In Snow


Looking for a masochistic friend with a truck or van to help me pick up a 7cu ft freezer and cart it down two flights of stairs to my apartment.

Will gladly buy/cook you dinner.
Jack In Snow

Gamer needs Room for Rent.

A gamer friend of mine from out of town is looking for a room to rent. She is looking for something that is in or near Seattle that she can rent for 3 to 6 months. She would also like to move in near the beginning of October if possible.

If you know of or have a room that is available let me know and I will put you in contact with her.